“It was never enough to sit by the river, every moment it tells you something or laugh at you for a genuine reason”, he thought sitting comfortably on the bamboo bench of that traditional hut by the Chalakudy river. He was right, otherwise why should this river stop exactly in front of this farm and jumps up in joy next moment, unlike its source on the right or long silent flow to the left. He wasn’t restless or unhappy but just curious about this historic river and what it senses about his awkward lifestyle.

Of course its weird to think opposite to the norm and make a strange effort to communicate with Nature and debate through his self talk. There’s a special reason for all this in this funny man’s life, a strange eating habit that nurtured around his mother’s lap and practiced beyond his memories. It’s hard to explain everything about oneself nor anyone would understand the feeling inside, especially when this quality is so uniquely strange in a day of adventurous diners. “I don’t deserve any pity” sometimes he tells himself when he has to starve in a dinner party whilst others eat in full glory.

Look at this instance, our protagonist was invited for a breakfast recently at a wealthy business man’s home, an hour’s drive towards the north from where he lived. This charming man has a beautifully built his home around the historic town called Trichur in Kerala, in almost four acres of land they have built a small resort like house with plenty of greenery with trees, flowers and many vegetable plants, all organically grown.

our kind host was patient enough to wait as the journey was delayed, more than an hour to have breakfast with this man. The guest being a foodie, there was a spread of delicacies from his favourites and of the region. They had arranged chicken, fish and egg dishes to accompany traditional breakfast items, all looked delicious and aroma was easily tempting. The host suddenly realised the disappointing truth that our guy’s a complete vegetarian and he was totally restricted himself from eating from a table where others eat meat dishes.

Our smiling host was not disappointed or expressed any comment as he realised wrong food on the table. Obviously guest’s companion for breakfast was upset since this happened many times in their outings, in fact where ever they were called for dinner with people. Nonetheless she joined the host in enjoying a special meal and kept the host busy with her fascinating questions on the interior of the house. On the way back, as usual, she gave him a lecture about his unfair eating habits in public places. She warned, “you have to change, if you want to be friends with society people, otherwise you will be side-lined in the world of business”.

On their way back, he tried to keep his good spirit and appreciated the beauty of the house and the great hospitality of the man. All along there was a pain biting in him about himself and the food issue of his life. Submerged in an ocean of thoughts, he missed all the wonderful things he always enjoyed in a journey along this highway, like the bright blue sky, vastness of the road, colours of flowers along the new dividers. He missed seeing bright restaurant signage which he always loved observing every time or the feeling of having a meal to complete the unfinished breakfast from that house.

Every occasion like this, he thinks about finding a solution and may be discuss with someone to explain his real issue on this and to explain that its more difficult than people think. He wished he could be normal like others and eat anything as people offer him everywhere. Looking eagerly on people’s expressions as they consume food, he imagined their taste layers which make them effortlessly accept all kinds of food, irrespective of who cooks or how they prepared meals.it never felt easy when he tells himself about his inability to be like others, then again, he also understands the joy of being himself with out being forced to be someone else to please the world.

Many stories unfolded as he looked at the clean, flowing water and the river touched his mind in comfort and he felt reassurance about himself. The sign of confidence started to appear, with brightly lit eyes and refreshing new smile he told himself, “my eating habits are mine and it will never be challenged by anyone, simply because it makes me happy and I discover my taste for life through my meals”.