A perfect day should start early at Rasa Gurukul, if you want to see the beautiful colours of the farm, listen to the melodious sound of birds and be first one to pick up a sweet mango during the season.  we normally commence our morning walk into the farm at 6 am, its always serene and you feel part of the whole Nature.

After leaving the car at the main gate, we have two means to reach the centre, either by cycle or bullock cart. A cart ride is almost unknown in Kerala today, even as a child I hardly remember enjoying it once. This was part of our plan to have an ox cart for internal transport as we wanted to protect the environment and keep the air clean. So we could feel the smell of cows and blissful tunes of Chalakudy river almost all the time. Our bullock cart was brought couple of months back from Palakkad, it has indeed added a special charm to our land and all our guests love the welcome ride.

Last week after a delicious lunch, we decided to try the cart ride for the first time on a hot after noon, our dear friend Sanal Potty and family joined us for the adventure too. We had an amazing time for the next one hour, seeing the farm, buildings and the river from a very different plane. May be the height of the cart was a great advantage, more than that the gentle movement of the cart on a smooth red-sand pathways guided by two of our sweet bulls carried us around all wonders of Gurukul was real fun. we were thoroughly entertained by   singing Dhwani and Dhathri with their soulful voice. we felt travelling back to a time which was the best part of childhood memories.

Oxen carts were traditional Indian cargo transport to carry agrarian goods in villages, it has become our fascination now after this ride and we managed to convince every visitor to make a similar journey.