Ancient Ayurveda

Musculo Spinal Care

The values of Ayurveda in the area of Spine and Muscular treatment is globally welcomed as it address the root cause of the issue and result oriented. Ayurveda considers all neuromuscular disorders as ‘Vathavyathi’ as they are caused due to aggravated Vatha Dosha. Pakshagata (Paralysis), Avabahuka (Frozen shoulder), Slipped disc, Grudhrasi (Sciatica), hyper or hypo movement of limbs, muscular dystrophy etc. all comes under Neuro-Muscular and Spinal disorders.

Our specialty is for the betterment of the conditions such as Disc complaints, Sciatica, Bone disorders, Cervical Spondylosis etc. and the treatments include Abhyangam, Pizhichil, Kizhi, Medicated Bandage, Vasthi etc.
Accommodation Occupancy For 14 days
For 21 days
Deluxe One person 1,75,000/- 2,62,499/- SSAP
Double or Couple 1,94,999/- 2,92,499/- SSAP
Cottage One person 2,22,000/- 3,13,499/- SSAP
Double or Couple 2,44,999/- 3,47,499/- SSAP